ShareBuilder Login – Capital one investing login

ShareBuilder Login: Share Builder Corporation is the United States based online stock brokerage firm founded in 1996 (as NetStock Direct). It encourages recurring, automatic purchases of shares of stock, ING Mutual Funds (Class O) and exchange-traded funds. All transactions occur online and are entirely at the discretion of the account holder, thus it is an execution-only service. The company does not have brokerage sales representatives or advisors. Account holders can use Share Builder’s online research tools to investigate stocks, similar to other online brokerages such as Scot trade, TD Camaraderie and Fidelity. In June 2009, Share Builder moved its headquarters from Bellevue, Washington to 83 King Street, in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle, Washington.

Over the past ten years, ING DIRECT has become synonymous with simplifying savings. The thought behind Share Builder’s new site was to make investing as simple as possible, without all the unnecessary information that you’ll find elsewhere. The name change (Share Builder will always be Share Builder, now it’s just located in the ING DIRECT Investing umbrella) is just one aspect of trying to bring our customers a simplified investing platform.


Login Process:

If you want to avail all the features your card has got all you need is to log in to your account by following the steps mentioned below;

  • On your Internet browser, enter the official website by typing this direct URL for logging in or else just by clicking here
  • Once directed to their login page, fill in the necessary text field.
  • Enter your Username in the text box that requires you to do so.
  • You can click the Remember Me checkbox so that the computer you are using will remember your Username for you and the next time you log in to Share Builder you will not type your Username anymore and just directly click Sign In.
  • After inputting your Username click Sign In.

If you are facing any problems with your login credentials then you can reset your Login credentials by following few steps;

  • On your Internet browser, enter the official website by typing this direct URL for logging in or else just by clicking here
  • After clicking the link you will be then directed to their Username Reset Page.
  • Fill in the necessary information they are requiring you such as the last four digits of your Social Security Number, Zip Code you have registered with Share Builder, your date of birth, and your last name.
  • After filling in the required text fields click Next.
  • After doing so you may be then directed to a new page that will maybe ask you more of some information, just follow the onscreen instructions carefully in order to retrieve your login credentials.

If you still face the same problem or you need some help to discuss then contact customer care helpline by phone or email as per mentioned details;

Give them a ring:

  • General Help- 800-747-2537
  • Retirement Specialist- 877-464-0292
  • Phone Trades (costs $19.95)- 866-590-7629

Send an email:

  • Contact Share Builder by sending an email through this link: official website and follow the onscreen instructions.